In order to birth the new stories and mythologies for a culture that vibrates freedom and love, we need to find new gateways into our creative source. The unique voice that is in tune with the soul of the world evokes images and sounds that serve the individual and the planetary journey. An inspired and illuminated vision appears that evokes the future we want to dream into existence.


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SPEAK ME CREATION - The power of the Living Word


8 days training module - 1 day per week / starting July 5th every Sunday

Tuition: EUR 800,- (tuition does include 8 days full day training facilitation and training materials

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SPEAK ME CREATION - The power of the Living Word


6 days immersion into the Living Word

Date: August 3 - 9, 2022

Tuition: EUR 1.000,- (tuition does include 6 days full day training facilitation and training materials, and does not include accomodation and food) 

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Key ingredients on this journey:

  • Mythology as a reference point on a transpersonal level

  • Archetypes open the gateway for the vision behind the veils

  • Alchemical principals will allow us to play with and merge polarities

  • Creativity is the stream flowing from the void into life

  • Embodied life force will create the energetic fires 

  • Soul awakening allows access to collective portals of inspiration

Arpana Ashish works with techniques that allow to enter the mysterious inner chambers of the heart as a doorway to a plane on which we encounter our subtle world teachers, guides and supporters. Learning to distinguish between the duality of the phantasies of the mind and the undivided truth of the images found in the heart is the crucial gateway as we begin to work with this language.

These teachings follow a lineage of seers, prophets, oracles and healers. We all can learn to remember the access to these inner chambers where we find our own visionary language. To listen, understand and trust these images demands courage and commitment to a life force greater than our narrow personal selves. We become a bridge reaching from the source of our own essence into matter, thereby intending to serve the highest purpose of all.

Accessing the imagination of the heart opens a deep creative current that allows us to see and release blocks that are in the way of the natural flow of life force. We manifest life in alignment with our true self, supporting our mission and true soul expression on this planet. To do so we need to know how to connect to the divine core within and set pure intention in order to navigate in the subtle energy fields that create an arrow pointed into an embodied reality.

As we learn to work with the imagination of the heart we also understand its potent medicine for healing on deep levels of our souls. Experiences that hold pain and suffering for the personal self can be altered through the vision of the heart and thereby reversed and released into the void. We learn to work with Maya as we start to play with the illusions of life serving a deeper current.

We read the imagery through shamanic, energetic and spiritual tools, to then deepen the reading of the vision as an embodied elemental experience, bringing its sacred geometry to life. We translate these visions into sound and form, using the instrument of our mind to form words or construct myths and we encourage our bodies to feel the sensuousness and ecstasy of the physical experience of this new reality. 

Do you feel the call to join?

Contact us for further information theparadisecodes@gmail.com

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