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FUNDAMENTALS TRAINING in Conscious Co Creation, and a journey of Self-Initiation

THE TEMPLE OF METAMORPHOSIS You could think of METAMORPHOSIS as a re-evolutionary temple of transformation appearing at the meeting place of a number of rivers. Flowing into its crucible of self-directed and companion supported session work are currents from both transformational and therapy traditions. Tools integrated from these streams include; body-work, expressive therapies, somatic experiencing, psychodrama, shamanic journeying, active imagination, lucid dreaming, transpersonal and archetypal streaming, cognitive restructuring, breath work, charismatic presencing and more. All of this is mediated by the fundamental power of witnessing with caring aware presence. It’s a temple that is inhabited by people called to trust the inherent guidance of their own connection with Source. Are you one of them? ……. METAMORPHOSIS is a programme that weaves the Spiritual Sexual Shamanic traditions of ISTA and the Soul Initiation Temple Trainings with peer based community methods of human awakening such as Co Counselling International, the work of John Heron, and Rex Rafiq’s life-long experience of group work. There are two layers to this training – A powerful journey of self-initiation coupled with the Conscious Co Creation fundamentals skill training, steeped in the ethos of group empowerment HOW Theory and practice are woven together seamlessly in experiential journeying involving solo, paired and group sessions and integrative temple experiences. The liberating power of this work is the combination of your willingness to dive deep into your own structure, while holding the presence of witness to support your connection with source. This capacity to witness is paramount to free ourselves from old habits rather than rerun them as loops in the nervous system. Our internal witness is supported and amplified by the external witness of others. When this quality of witness is embedded in community dedicated to soul awakening we have the ingredients for transformational community life. You will learn to weave between different ways of working: Clearing the emotional body through the arts of regression, discharge and emergence. Unfolding soul emergence and celebration of new states into your life. Opening to transpersonal, archetypal, shamanic and quantum dimensions. Creating chosen futures and life manifestation informed by your connection to Source Creativity and Art as an outpouring of soul, vision and purpose. Restructuring beliefs to free you from reliving the burden of the past.


THE TOOLS We will be learning powerful tools to work with the material of our own lives, digging deep into layers of the body-mind to free Life from the bulk of our functioning that is old unconscious habits based on survival. This skill-set is based in peer and reciprocal methods of community empowerment. It integrates transformational and initiatory approaches with trauma approaches to personal and cultural healing. You will leave with powerful and effective tools for facilitating personal and community empowerment, that will be applicable in all walks of life. They are especially useful for anyone interested in holding space for transformation and awakening, facilitating, leadership, teaching, and the helping professions generally. The training is inspired to support graduates of ISTA and similar initiations with practices to support integration in their lives, tribes and communities.

SELF-INITIATION AND SOUL RECOVERY Awakening in this era primarily calls for self-initiation. What do we mean by self-initiation? It starts with bringing ourselves to the portal of feeling our own soul life. Soulwork points us to a place of essence beneath the personality that carries the deeper purpose of your life. From this perspective it requires taking the power out of personality patterns based on adaptation and survival. It requires interrupting dependency patterns born from the distress of being colonised by the dream of the modern world. Instead we hone tools and skills for accurately tracking our own unique soul note, to free our expression in the world. This is a journey into WHO AM I, accessed by diving into the unconscious, through embodiment, and integration of the feeling, imaginal and archetypal layers of our being, and connecting with source and our innate divinity. Soul recovery involves finding the gold in the frozen parts of our emotional body. We can mine this gold and focus with clarity on who we are and what we are creating, while washing off that which doesn’t serve.

WHO IS IT FOR? For the change agents, renegades, and torchbearers of the new paradigm. For leaders, cultural architects and community catalysts wanting to awaken collective forms of empowerment. For all who want to land in their body. For anyone who has taken the red pill. For all who are carrying a piece of the puzzle that joins us to the Great Life. This journey is for those who are no longer waiting for external authority to define them, who are ready to authorise their own life, and who want to transmit this capacity to others. METAMORPHOSIS is for people willing to drop out of the triangle of victim, rescuer and perpetrator that holds a tight grip on humanities condition personally and politically. We consciously choose the role of CREATOR to unlock our highest potential, unveil our essential purpose, and focus our contribution to the world. Do you feel you are part of a global transformation of consciousness? We know ourselves as spiritual, sexual and shamanic beings ready to use our life force for the evolution of our culture. We work with denser matter (earth powers, embodiment) as well as visions and dreams (spirit powers, liminal states) in order to become creators of the life we envision. This process supports access to unconscious layers of our being. Through rewriting and recreating our own source codes we emerge with an updated creation story of our life. In the spirit of self-initiation we unlock portals to our essence and become agents of a new paradigm of love and empowerment on this planet.

WHAT TO EXPECT CHANGE The spirit of these times is change. In a world where known parameters are dropping away at increasing speed, the capacity to be able to live in moment by moment creation is a requirement for soul centred activists and change agents. Change is also the key note of this program. This is a journey to break out of your old shells and morph into a new state of being, embodying change as a living example. Because you will leave with these tools in your bones this journey will have a lasting effect of how you walk in the world. Learn the red thread of shape-shifting, knowing that where your attention is placed your life will emerge. Mastering the art of diving into a theme for its alchemical essence. Digging deep into the emotional layers of the body-mind and the unconscious. Working with tools spanning from intensive to subtle, reframing trauma as soul making. Releasing and healing what no longer serves and emerging with insight and new direction. This includes meeting and integrating powers waiting for you in your shadow. You will learn how to enter shamanically into any phenomena you experience in yourself, both intense and subtle, and how to emerge with the gold that is waiting for you. As we bring consciousness and intention to our existence, creative life force begins to flow into areas crystallised in old belief systems. Cathartic embodiment opens energy streams to wash through stored contractions. Activating a feeling sense of an emergent state focuses our biology to manifest it. Now we can harness the impulses of the creator within and align will for manifestation of what we were born to be. POWER We will be in a living laboratory learning the building blocks of power beyond hierarchy, where empowerment is unfolded between us in a mutually held field. The training interrupts deeply embedded conditioning around power and reveals templates for sharing power in the new paradigm. We create a culture that reclaims the art of meaning making back to everyone’s direct connection to Source, and offer a template for self-directed transformational work and living in radical self-responsibility. The essence of power in this training is peer to peer and reciprocal. You learn session work where you shape shift between CREATOR of your own life’s journey and COMPANION for others exploration. A simple contract informs the process, opening to spiritual dimensions of consent. ABOUT TRAUMA We will work with trauma from the perspective of soul, mastering tools spanning between intense and cathartic to subtle and soothing. Because we are recovering frozen parts of soul from places where we felt overpowered, and clearing the conditioning and patterns stemming from there, we go at our own pace, trusting our own guidance. We learn pathways to liberate the released energy for our life and align our will for manifesting what we were born to be. NOTE. Participants will need to be able to offer attention to others, ie not sunken in their own process to the extent that they cannot shift to be fully present with others process. It is therefore not suitable for those currently transitioning deep depression, or currently deep in processing core trauma, or medicated to the extent their feeling function is inhibited. INTEGRATION OF ISTA PROGRAM INTO COMMUNITY LIFE The training aims to support the Integrating of programs such as the International School of Temple Arts (ISTA) programs into everyday life. Transmissions such as ISTA catalyse the awakening of love and personal power and are a doorway into community. Conscious Co Creation (CCC) supports it to land in our fields by fostering communities of people skilled with tools and processes to support each other’s power to emerge. It gives frameworks and experience for self-leadership and facilitation, of empowered relating, working together processing core issues, accurate contracting and consent, aware negotiation of sexual attraction, and building blocks for transformational community. It can be described as a decentralised integration of ISTA program, with the vision to nurture tribe with collaborative tools that aim at witnessing and growing each other’s soul emergence. SEXUALITY How do we create erotically alive communities, and hold sex positive ideals in a field of shared power? We value and welcome the medicine of Eros as part of life and will co create protocols around sexual interaction that can become models for life in community. We will also work with guidelines for aware negotiation of sexual attraction that will support your understanding and integration of hidden layers of motivation fuelling sexual attraction. COMMUNITY This re-evolutionary process supports non-hierarchical community evolution with processes needed to show up for each other’s liberation. We co create culture with the focus on the power between us and a feeling for Allyship that includes our diversity and interrupts hidden separation. It is said that the guru of the future is the group. Here we practice a relational and horizontal path of spirituality, where divinity is experienced in the I/Thou space between humans, not only alone at the altar as in vertical paths. We will be learning technology and honing skills of group awareness, recognising the divinity of the space between, and tasting group soul. The training will climax with a Co Creation Temple integrating all that has been learned. Additional community tools include learning to track current interpersonal and transpersonal projection to its source and release it, unravelling how past experiences can project into current relating. Plus maps of political dimensions of decision making for community and new paradigm businesses. ---------- A Persian poem tells of a tribe of birds searching for their sovereign. After crossing seven valleys, each a portal for self-initiation, they come to understand that an aspect of the divinity they are seeking is reflected in the mirror. That they together are the One they sought for. Farid ud-Din Attar, Conference of the birds, Persian poem IMAGINE a group of humans devoted to crossing these valleys of transformation... IMAGINE a journey to this place of power within and between... IMAGINE yourself looking into the mirror after your metamorphosis... seeing beyond, see LOVE!


Thank you for connecting!

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