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Conscious Co Creation -


Conscious Co Creation
Fundamentals - Co Creating Change

Berlin, Spitzmühle, July 16 - 23, 2023

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What to expect:

This is a time of global transformation and you are part of it. In order to conduct change in your own life and globally it is vital to develop skills to become empowered agent of the new civilisation. This is the time to break out of the old shell and morph into a new state of being, embodying change as an example.

A world not dependent on gurus, coaches, therapists, but people empowered to work with the material of their own life for liberation and change. A new culture that reclaims the art of making meaning back to everyones direct connection to source. This is a historical turning point in which we are called to step up and take responsibility for all creation.

Mastering the art of diving into a theme for its alchemical essence. Digging deep into the emotional layers of the bodymind to free the soul from the burden of the unconscious. Working with tools spanning from intense to subtle, touching upon what these days we call trauma, but can be thought of as soul making. Releasing and healing what no longer serves. 

Peer to peer. A simple contract. You become the counsellor of your own souls journey for the gold of your life experiences. Shapeshift and your companion turns into your mirror. A process of mutual empowerment, opening to spiritual dimensions of consent, allowing an emergence with insight and new direction.

As we bring consciousness to our existence, creative life force begins to flow into areas crystallized in old belief systems. Cathartic embodiment opens energy streams to wash through stored contractions. Now we can harness the impulses of the creator within and align the will for manifestations of what we were born to be. 

This event is affiliated with ISTA.

Thank you for connecting!

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